Banking & Finance

Transaction Monitoring has become a necessity for compliance officers within Banks & Financial Institutions to identify AML risk and detect suspicious activity. ComplyRadar enables you to fulfil your AML obligations whilst nurturing your genuine and high net worth customers. It’s all about a positive customer experience!

The banking and finance sector is facing an increasingly dynamic and competitive environment. Complexity is heightened, as initiatives to reduce costs and preserve capital, challenge the increasing demand for innovative products to boost profitability. In addition, an increase in regulatory compliance is making competitiveness a significant challenge. Complying with global regulations and protecting your reputation is of upmost importance.

The Benefits

Identify suspicious behaviour

Monitor transactions in real-time for a ‘whole picture’ analysis of a customer’s profile, risk levels, and predicted future activity


Minimise false positives by tailoring scenarios to customer or transaction risk and focusing on regulatory priorities

Increase effectiveness
over time

Tune rules through back testing without the need of technical personnel

Give regulators and customers confidence

A ‘tried & tested’ system with a clear audit trail of monitoring and investigations

Implement quickly, easily
and securely

Easy to implement REST API or batch file upload

We firmly believe that technology in conjunction with a deep understanding of business domain knowledge, can be a key strategic differentiator in the ever-transforming global financials market. Over the last number of years, Computime has invested and established a strong position in the provision of Security, Regulatory Reporting, and AML solutions – specifically addressing the requirements of banks and financial institutions.

Operationally, this is managed through 3 focused and dedicated areas, namely ProAct – Security and advisory services, BRSAnalytics – A complete suite of Regulatory Reporting solutions, and ComplyRadar – A real-time AML transaction monitoring solution. We are proud and honoured to have successfully implemented these solutions in a wide number of banks and financial institutions across the globe.

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