ComplyRadar utilises a full risk-based approach to eliminate disruption to genuine customers, detect potential criminal behaviour, and demonstrate full ongoing compliance. It sends you notifications on the transactions that matter and enables you to automatically apply a full-pattern analysis to instantly see suspicious transactions in real time. You can then manage flagged transactions through a comprehensive review process leading to the filing of a SAR when required.

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Powerful integration layer

Integrate easily with KYC applications and with core operational systems to ingest thousands of transactions per second in real-time.


Automated Background Checks

Connect to multiple international watchlist providers and automatically scrape relevant client information from the web.


Configurable monitoring scenarios

Minimise false positives by applying a risk-based approach and adapting scenarios to customer and/or transaction risk levels.


Detailed transaction analysis

Spot patterns and outliers by monitoring behaviours alongside historical transaction data and other contextual profile data.


360-degree rules engine

Compute running values and statistics to define complex scenarios that need to consider past activity.


Behavioural monitoring

Check each customer transaction against their individual profile to identify any transaction that does not meet their historical behavioural patterns.

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Machine learning

Utilise an additional probabilistic filter on top of the rules layer to further reduce false positives and learn additional behavioural patterns to strengthen rules.


Intelligent rules

Act on events raised from combining fixed rules and machine learning so that statistical information is automatically captured as transaction data flows in.


Human intervention

Build a fully audited human approval workflow within the system where decisions will be logged and made available to the machine learning layer.


Live dashboards & reports

Monitor all underlying transaction activity in real-time, perform a quick health check, or issue an AML report on a particular client with a click of a button.


back-testing environment

Configure a back-testing sandbox to check the effect on changes in rules or thresholds.


True connectivity

Push data either via an API exposed by ComplyRadar, files in standard format, or on a central message queue.

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ComplyRadar at money 20/20 - amsterdam

We are really excited to be participating in the Money 20/20 in Amsterdam, where we will be joining other Payments and Fintech veterans from Google, TSYS and Citi.

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