Case Management

Affordable and reliable case management software

As compliance requirements become more and more stringent, it is essential for businesses to retain customer and/or organisation data, while having the ability to access specific information efficiently in order to mitigate any potential risks.

Certain companies and organisations operate without a case management application because of the flawed belief that the cost may be prohibitive, however, this is far from the truth. Case management software can be very affordable, especially when considering the fact that these solutions reduce human error and preventable costs.


Manage your customer data from a single place

Case management software ensures that all essential information required to make a decision is collected in a central location. It provides the individual managing the case with a precise investigation process to follow while storing all the data systematically. Retaining all the data in one ecosystem reduces risk and enables the investigating officer to follow the correct procedure efficiently.

The ComplyRadar Case Management module provides users with the tools and processes to identify, qualify, investigate, and document each case while collaborating with other staff and resources. These processes are highly efficient and provide users with the unique ability to identify trends and assist users in pinpointing obscure and unique relationships between cases.

ComplyRadar provides users with sophisticated tools to assist with reducing false positives. This is a major problem which ComplyRadar addresses through the use of AI, AI acting as the filter which allows users to prioritize on activities that have the highest probability of being actual illicit activity.

This module allows users to:

From a single intuitive interface, users can easily retrieve and upload information, and share documents to ensure that all relevant information has been completed correctly.



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