Business and Reputational Risk – The True Cost of Not Being Compliant

Rarely a week goes by that we do not hear of the latest multi-million fine being imposed on a bank or a financial institution or a gaming company for lack of compliance. AML failures that have been highlighted consistently include Know Your Customer, Customer Due Diligence and Monitoring Suspicious Transactions. Last year 2020 saw some […]

Preparing for the EU’s 6th Anti Money Laundering directive

AML Compliance

Following a number of major European bank scandals, The European Union’s 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (6AMLD) came into effect on 3rd December 2020. All regulated entities operating within the EU will need to be compliant by 3rd June 2021. The 6AMLD builds on the previous 4th and 5th AMLDs and aims to  strengthen anti-money laundering […]